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The Origin of Trouble Tessa Louise Pope

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A young woman whose father was absent during her childhood starts asking questions. Some of the father’s answers are disconcerting. The mother’s answers are often contradictory. And the stepfather doesn’t always remember things the same way as the parents. Filmmaker Tessa Louise Pope is determined to unpack this tangled relationship. Alternating between interviews (with two or more subjects at a time) and home movies, the director uses a simple process to tell a deeply complex story. Armed with strong opinions, humour and emotions, Pope investigates and confronts the father she never really knew, but whose absence affected her every day. The very apparatus of cinema allows her to piece together her past and, ultimately, rediscover filial love.

The Origin of Trouble

  • Country : Netherlands
  • Year : 2016
  • V.O : English, Dutch
  • Subtitles : English
  • Duration : 29 MIN
  • Cinematography : Gijs Wilbers
  • Editing : Fatih Tura
  • Production : Emeline Bakker, Julia Notenboom
  • Sound Design : Laszlo Brinkhoff
Filmography of Tessa Louise Pope :

Little Man (2015)

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