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Salarium Daniel Mann, Sasha Litvintseva

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The shores of the Dead Sea are riddled with cracks that make the terrain impassable. Where once there were settlements or beaches filled with tourists, now there is nothing but a forbidding desert. Cars roll by signs warning of the danger, and soldiers wander around unoccupied and impotent. Starting with “salt” – which shares the same linguistic roots as “salary” and “soldier” – the filmmakers mix geology and geopolitics as they explore a landscape on the verge of collapse, reflecting on the failures of the Promised Land: from Zionist colonialism, to the exploitation of nature to the breaking point. Alongside its breathtaking imagery, Salarium inserts politics where once we could only see indifference. (ACO)


  • Country : United Kingdom
  • Year : 2018
  • V.O : Hebrew, English
  • Subtitles : English
  • Duration : 42 MIN
  • Cinematography : Sasha Litvintseva
  • Editing : Sasha Litvintseva, Daniel Mann
  • Production : Sasha Litvintseva, Daniel Mann
  • Sound Design : Sasha Litvintseva, Daniel Mann
Filmography of Daniel Mann :

Complex (2009)
Future Diaries (2011)
The Birdman (2013)
Low Tide (2017)

Filmography of Sasha Litvintseva :

Evergreen (2014)
Exile Exotic (2015)
The Stability of the System (2016)
Asbestos (2016)

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