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Homestay Paisley Smith, Jam3, Office National Du Film Du Canada

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Created by Paisley Smith based on a personal experience and testimonials, Homestay is a virtual reality excursion into an imaginary garden, and an exploration of the idea of cultural exchange. Starting with foreign students hosted by families, the artist gives an empathetic account of issues surrounding expectations and preconceptions held by others and the host country. The paper garden that the user explores builds a melancholy visual allegory for the loss of certainty and beauty, and the drama that can arise from culture shock. Both poetic and instructive, Homestay doesn’t take “multiculturalism” lightly.

Presented by Canada Media Fund , Bell Media and Québec/Canada XR in collaboration with MUTEK and le labdoc (Laboratoire de recherche sur les pratiques audiovisuelles documentaires (labdoc) de l'UQAM. Québec/Canada XR is an initiative supported by Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada & Culture et Communications Québec


  • Country : Canada
  • Year : 2018
  • V.O : french or english
  • Duration : 15 MIN
  • Production : Rob McLaugh, Loc Dao
  • Writer : Alison Broddle, Paisley Smith
  • Music : Boombox Sound
  • Platform : Réalité Virtuelle
  • Sound Design : Boombox Sound
  • Narration : Paisley Smith
  • Design and development : Jam3
Filmography of Paisley Smith :

Peace, Daal, & Partition (2015)
Unceded Territories VR (2019)

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14 Nov. 12h00

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