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Altiplano Malena Szlam

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Northern Chile and Argentina boast some breathtaking landscapes : sprawling deserts, monumental canyons, volcanic zones, richly coloured lakes, salt flats extending as far as the eye can see, ever-changing skies. Experimental filmmaker Malena Szlam makes the most of film’s infinite possibilities to capture the textures, perspectives and shimmering light that give the Altiplano’s landscapes such intimidating, apparently inert splendour. From cracks in the ground to the shifting glow of the passing hours, the filmmaker captures, using mesmerizing superimpositions, the ballet patiently unfolding in front of the camera. Everything happens on another scale, another timeframe, that only the grainy essence of 16mm film seems capable of fully capturing. (ACO)

Presented in collaboration with VISIONS


  • Country : Canada (Quebec), Chile, Argentina
  • Year : 2018
  • V.O : - Without dialogue
  • Duration : 16 MIN
  • Cinematography : Malena Szlam
  • Editing : Malena Szlam
  • Production : Oona Mosna, Malena Szlam
  • Sound Design : James Benjamin, Mamo Koba, Malena Szlam
Filmography of Malena Szlam :

Rhythm Trail (2011)
Anagrams of Light (2011)
Lunar Almanac (2013)
Morfología de un sueño (2018)

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