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November 15th, 2018 The Rick Prelinger Sessions: Archives, Popular Documentary, NYC

The Rick Prelinger sessions: archives, popular documentary, NYC

This short series of discussions with California-based researcher, collector and filmmaker Richard (Rick) Prelinger will explore an important and fascinating slice of the film world and its documentary expressions. The montage film – from Nicole Vedrès to Chris Marker, from video mash-ups to Christian Marclay – has a long history in parallel to motion pictures. In Prelinger’s projects, documented perspectives on audio/visual fragments are an important aspect of research, cataloguing and circulation (Prelinger Archives: Those perspectives are also crucial to an artistic approach built on anonymous, mundane, utilitarian images, as seen in Prelinger’s filmic encyclopedia (Our Secret Century) and feature works.

Presented in collaboration with UQAM’s labdoc, these sessions will shed light on the approach of a practicing archivist and DIY filmmaker who unearths and displays America as it appears in amateur, corporate and propaganda images spanning nearly a century. A master class with Prelinger will be held at UQAM’s labdoc, as well as three screenings at the Cinémathèque québécoise.

First, the Nos New York programme prepared by Vidéographe, and second two feature length films.

Panorama Ephemera
United States | 2004 | 90 min | English

Lost Landcapes of New York
United States | 2017 | 83 min | English

Presented in collaboration with the labdoc (Le laboratoire de recherche sur les pratiques audiovisuelles documentaires)

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