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November 20th, 2019 Group discussions

Territories and Distribution

This group discussion brings together Quebec-based distributors, sales agents and aggregators with their international counterparts participating in this year’s Forum RIDM. Every distributor focuses on a business model that includes territory and sales strategy to maximize productivity. In this group talk, local and international experts will share their local expertise, business practices and strategies.

Marina Serrão, Bueno Basta Productions

Marie Boti, Diffusion Multi-Monde
Kristen Fitzpatrick, Women Make Movies
Benjamin Hogue, Films du 3 Mars
Jessica Estelle Huggins, Documentary Educational Resources
Alexandre Labelle, Under Milky Way
Marie-Pier Lacroix Couture, Travelling
Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagne, H264
Pauline Mazenod, Windrose
Sébastien Merckling, Spira
Stephan Riguet, Andana Films
Juan Solera, Sideways Film
Zaf Yumru, New Orleans Film Society

In English.
Open to Forum pass-holders and Forum RIDM à la carte Day 3 ticket-holders.

Presented with the financial support of the ministère de la Culture et des Communications in collaboration with Quebec/Canada XR

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