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November 21st, 2019 Discussions

They were all between 11 and 17 years of age when they arrived at the centre… and despite their young ages, so much had already happened in their lives. They all have one thing in common: the system decided to send them to Cité-des-Prairies, the rehabilitation centre known for taking the most complex youth protection cases and the young offenders who have committed the most serious crimes in the Montreal area. Bienvenue à Cité-des-Prairies takes an original look at what happens in the day-to-day lives of five young offenders when two motivated youth workers invite them to take part in the Winter Classic, a day of outdoor hockey. Even though much of the talk is about escape attempts, violence and a lack of resources, small miracles can sometimes occur behind the walls of this institution that feels like a prison.

During this event, listen to an exclusive episode of the upcoming Bienvenue à Cité-des-Prairies podcast and attend a discussion between the creators and a few of the workers from this youth centre, hosted by Marie-Ève Tremblay.

Presented in collaboration with Radio-Canada

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