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Ta'ang Wang Bing

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This new film by Wang Bing is an immersion in a shadowy world. For months, the famous Chinese director positioned his attentive camera among the Ta’ang people, an ethnic minority fleeing a largely unreported war on the border between China and Myanmar. Taking refuge in the mountains, entire families spend their days seeking whatever shelter they can find, for one night at a time, allowing them to cling to a semblance of community life. While groups chat around the campfire, some try to learn news of the loved ones who stayed at home. Always, in the distance, are the sounds of war. Without explanations, Wang Bing creates a universal, captivating portrait of the lives of the world’s countless displaced people.

Presented in collaboration with the Department of East Asian Studies at McGill University


  • Country : Hong Kong, France
  • Year : 2016
  • Subtitles : English
  • Duration : 147 MIN
  • Cinematography : Xiaohui Shan, Wang Bing
  • Editing : Adam Kerby
  • Production : Francesca Feder, Danièle Palau, Yang Wang, Jia Wang, Hui Mao
  • Sound Design : Emmanuel Soland
Filmography of Wang Bing :

TA'ANG (De'ang/??)
2016, Documentary, 148 minutes.

- Berlinale 2016, Forum

- Hong Kong IFF 2016

- Swedish Film Institute, 2016 (retrospective WANG Bing)

TRACES (Yizhi/??)
2014, Documentary (video art), 25 minutes.

2014, Documentary (video art), 40 minutes.

2013, Documentary, 227 minutes.

- Venice Film Festival, Out of Competition
- Toronto IFF
- Vancouver IFF
- Busan IFF
- Doc Lisboa, Competition
- Viennale
- Copenhague CPH:DOX
- Festival des 3 Continents, Silver Balloon Award
- Rotterdam IFF
- Go?teborg IFF
- Fribourg IFF, Competition

ALONE (Gudu/??)
2012, Documentary, 89 minutes.

- Black Movie Festival, Geneva, Critics Award
- Rotterdam IFF
- Melbourne IFF
- Rio IFF
- IDFA, Amsterdam
- DocHouse, London

THREE SISTERS (San zimei/???)
2012, Documentary, 153 minutes.

- Venice Film Festival, Orrizonti Best Film Award
- Doc Lisboa, Best Film Award
- Festival des 3 Continents, Audience Award and Best Film Award
- Dubai IFF, Best Documentary Asia Africa Award
- Fribourg FIFF, Grand prix Award, Ecumenical jury Award, E-changer Award, Don Quijote Award
- Hong Kong IFF
- Edinburgh IFF
- New Zelande IFF
- Taipei IFF

THE DITCH (Jiabiangou/???)
2010, Feature Film, 113 minutes.

- Venice Film Festival, Competition

MAN WITH NO NAME (Wumingzhe/???)
2009, Documentary, 97 minutes.

COAL MONEY (Tongdao/??)
2008, Documentary, 52 minutes.

- Cinema Du Reel, International Competition

CRUDE OIL (Yuanyou/??)
2008, Documentary film installation, 14 hours.
Supported by Hubert Bals Fund Rotterdam.

- Rotterdam IFF
- Hong Kong IFF

2007, Documentary, 184 minutes.

- Cannes Film Festival, Official Selection
- Toronto IFF
- Rotterdam IFF

BRUTALITY FACTORY (Baoli gongchang/????)
2007, Short in the anthology STATE OF THE WORLD.

- Cannes Film Festival, Director's Fortnight

WEST OF THE TRACKS (Tiexi qu/???)
1999-2003, Documentary in three parts, 554 minutes.
Part 1: RUST (244 minutes)
Part 2: REMNANTS (178 minutes)
Part 3: RAILS (132 minutes)

- Lisbon International Documentary Festival, Grand Prize
- Marseille Festival of Documentary Film, Grand Prize
- Festival des 3 Continents, Golden Balloon Award, documentary section
- Yamagata International Documentary Festival, Robert and Frances Flaherty Prize

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