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International Short and Medium-Length Competition

He Who Eats Children Ben Russell

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In Suriname, in a small jungle village, blindfolded girls and boys play a kind of hide-and-seek – the one with the monster who catches and eats children. According to local legend, the monster is the village’s only white person, a Dutch man who repairs outboard motors. Alternating between colour and black and white, Ben Russell (an award winner at the RIDM for both River Rites and Atlantis) leads the investigation, meeting the villagers and the infamous European. His camera sensuously explores this small world, where apparitions are never far off. A terrifying rubber white-man mask, frenzied races and scary stories: there are as many participants as elements from which the film constructs itself before our eyes, like a true myth.

Presented in collaboration with the Double Negative Collective

He Who Eats Children

  • Country : United States
  • Year : 2016
  • V.O : English, creole
  • Subtitles : English
  • Duration : 25 MIN
  • Cinematography : Ben Russell
  • Editing : Ben Russell
  • Production : Ben Russell
  • Sound Design : Ben Russell
Filmography of Ben Russell :

He Who Eats Children (2016); YOLO (2015); Greetings to the Ancestors (2015); Atlantis (2014); A Spell to Ward off the Darkness (co-directed with Ben Rivers) (2013); Let Us Persevere In What We Have Resolved Before We Forget (2013); Ponce de León (co-directed with Jim Drain) (2012); River Rites (2011); Trypps #1-7 (2005-10); Let Each One Go Where He May (2009); Tjúba Tén/ The Wet Season (co-directed w/ Brigid McCaffrey) (2008); The Red and the Blue Gods (2005); Extra Terrestrial (co-directed w/Robert Rhyne) (2004); Terra Incognita (2002); Daumë (2000)

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