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Brothers of the Night Patric Chiha

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Brüder der Nacht

Stefan, Yonko, Asen, Vassili: these men have moved from Bulgaria to Vienna, with the hope of finding success. Unable to find work, they resign themselves to selling their bodies in order to feed their families. From the banks of the Danube to seedy bars, these young Roma live by night, trapped in society’s underbelly. Patric Chiha takes an unsensational look at their lives, where friendship always triumphs over their desperate condition. With superb pink and bluish lighting reminiscent of Fassbinder’s Querelle or the work of Kenneth Anger, Brothers of the Night is a sublimated, dreamlike theatre of lives sacrificed. With their leather vests, handsome faces and vitality, these brothers are unforgettable actors in their own story.

Brothers of the Night

  • Country : Austria
  • Year : 2016
  • V.O : German
  • Subtitles : French, English
  • Duration : 88 MIN
  • Cinematography : Klemens Hufnagl
  • Editing : Patric Chiha
  • Production : Vincent Lucassen, Ebba Sinzinger
  • Sound Design : Atanas Tcholakov
Filmography of Patric Chiha :

2016 Brothers of the Night documentary, 88 min.
WILDart FILM (Vienna)
premiere: Berlinale/Panorama.

2014 Boys like us fiction, 90 min.
Aurora Films (Paris) & WILDart FILM (Vienna)

2012 Sol LeWitt documentary, 24 min.
Centre Pompidou (Metz) & M-Museum (Leuven)

2009 Domaine fiction, 110 min.
Aurora Films (Paris) & WILDart FILM (Vienna)
starring Béatrice Dalle, nominated for the Prix Louis Delluc 2010

2007 0ù se trouve le chef de la prison ? fiction, 18 min.
Aurora Films (Paris), award « Janine Bazin » - Belfort/Entrevue

2006 Home fiction, 50 min.
Aurora Films (Paris) & WILDart FILM (Vienna)
press award & prix Emergence - Pantin/Côté Court

2005 Les Messieurs (Die Herren) documentary, 52 min.
Kinoko Films (Paris)

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